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    BeautyBeam Pulsed Light Epilator

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    ✅  Beautybeam salon treatments which require on-going payments and appointments, using this IPL Handset provides years of IPL treatments in the convenience and comfort of your own home. The average cost of one laser hair removal treatment is 390 dollars, and it can take up to 6 treatments to see results. Switch to this IPL Handset and save

    ✅  HOW TO USE ?
    1. Shave, epilate or wax the area to remove the hair. ...
    2. Select the right light intensity for your skin tone.
    3. Turn the Lumea on, and wait for the 'ready to flash' light to come on.
    4. Put glasses to protect your eyes.
    5. Press the 'flash' button.
    6. Move on to the next spot!

    ✅ Say goodbye to unwanted hair with our efficient Intense BeautyBeam (IPL) device, offering permanent hair reduction in just 4 weeks. Our 5-level technology ensures a safe experience by adapting the light intensity to your skin, striking the perfect balance between safety and effectiveness, all in the comfort of your home.

    ✅ Take control of your hair removal routine with the BeautyBeam IPL, your reliable and effective solution for achieving beautifully hair-free skin.

    ✅  ALSO SUITABLE FOR MEN: the ideal tool to tackle hair on the chest, back, arms, stomach, and legs.

    ✅  FDA CLEARED: This IPL handset is FDA cleared.